How to create tree based terminal app in .net core

How to create tree based terminal app in .net core


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Tree is used to render hierarchical data on the terminal. Spectre.Console is a .NET library which is used to create console applications. Spectre.Console is rendering the tree on the terminal.


Create Project:-

>dotnet new console -o cliapptree

Install Nuget Package:-

>dotnet add package Spectre.Console

Create object:-

var root = new Tree("[darkorange3_1]Root[/]")

Add some nodes:-

var foo = root.AddNode("[magenta]Tree[/]");

Add calendar events:-

AddCalendarEvent(2023, 12, 12)

Render the tree on Console:-



To render a Tree, create a tree object, and add some styling code according to the app's requirements. Complete the app by passing the tree-dependent calendar to a console's Write method. The full source code is on GitHub.

The app is updated to dotnet 6 version from v3.1 also updated to spectreconsole version 0.47.0