Server Side Kotlin-11

Server Side Kotlin-11


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slice() returns a list of the collection elements with given indices. Range or Integer values, both can be used for passing Indices.

val games = listOf("unity", "unreal", "godot", "bevy", "monogame", "supe 
 rgame" )  
println(games.slice(0..4 step 2))
println(games.slice(setOf(3, 5, 0)))


[unreal, godot, bevy]

[unity, godot, monogame]

[bevy, supergame, unity]
chunked() function breaks a collection into parts of a given size. chunked() accept a single argument – the size of the chunk – and returns a List collection,where each list is of specified size.

val games = (0..7).toList()

[[0, 1], [2, 3], [4, 5], [6, 7]]